Creating space to be your best self


It's your time

What do you care about? What matters to you? What do you long for? Those are questions that open the coaching conversation.

And then the hard part, figuring out how to live into these declarations.

Coaching opens up a safe space for you to explore your best self and to test new ways of showing up in your relationships with others; shedding old habits and developing new ways of being.  

Professionalism and Experience

Throughout my career as an HR Director, I often saw how people are tripped-up by their own selves.  I also saw how the culture of an organization and the social dynamics of our society can  frame and constrain an individual's growth. Navigating these complex situations requires a centered presence - one where you can access developed internal resources. 

My commitment is to bring the coaching experience to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it.  My longing is for a world where people at all levels of organizations and our society have the tools to access the resiliency within them and the opportunity to develop what they need to lead a fulfilling life.  By bringing our best selves forward, we can create the conditions in our homes, organizations and communities where we live into who we are as human beings, co-creating moments of abundance and grace.

Our Relationship: your journey

Together, let's figure out how to be your best self. My training as a Presence-based coach is one that is built on the foundations of mindfulness and presence. My approach is grounded in creating a safe and open space and the belief that you are enough... that you have everything in this moment that you need. Our challenge is to clear out the noise so you can tap into the inner wisdom of your self...listening to your heart, mind and body so you can intentionally choose the life you want to lead. 


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